Foot Zone Therapy is a branch of Reflexology developed by Dr. Charles Ersdal of Norway in the 1970's (History of Foot Zone Therapy). This modality treats the whole body by establishing balance, elevating energy, renewing cells, promoting circulation, and aiding the body in the process of self-healing. The body's systems are interrelated, not separate symptomatic parts, so a Foot Zone treatment helps balance the energy and function of the entire body. The body knows where imbalances lie and in which order those imbalances can be corrected; Foot Zone therapy assists the body in achieving its desired, natural state of homeostasis. Using non-invasive touch, the practitioner triggers signals on the feet that correspond to organs and systems throughout the body for improved flow of blood and lymph fluid, movement of energy, and healthier function overall. While Foot Zoning does not treat or cure specific diseases, it balances the nervous system and aids relaxation, which promotes the body's natural healing ability. Foot Zone clients describe a variety of beneficial effects including relief from pain, headaches, digestive discomfort, sleep issues, anxiety, stress, swelling, and viral infections. In addition, signals used in a Foot Zone session promote the flow of energy by connecting the physical body with the emotional, mental, and spiritual systems, thereby creating balance that extends beyond bodily functions. Many people experience general feelings of ease, relief, and relaxation following Foot Zone sessions, especially when they drink plenty of water and take time to rest so the body can adjust to the restored balance and flow of energy.  Foot Zone therapy is beneficial for all ages!