As a devoted Foot Zone Practitioner, I support people as they foster personal well-being and vitality. I provide hands-on therapy and healthy options to assist clients with positive self-care. Body work, energy work, and healthy choices are important for my own wellness. When I discovered Foot Zone Therapy, I learned quickly this modality creates profound results by combining these essentials. I believe in the miracle of the human body, which is Divinely created with the innate and very wise ability to heal itself, and I am passionately invested in supporting my clients in creating health, wellness, and vitality in bodily systems. I know touch is important, the body holds the story, and energy is designed to move

I retired after teaching in Rockingham County Schools for 32 years, and I am grateful to my teacher and mentor, Gloria English, Certified Foot Zone Instructor and owner of The Healer's Art Institute in Pulaski, VA, for supporting me in this second vocation and successful practice where I serve clients in health and reverent connection and marvel at the intricacies of our creation by Divine intelligence Who linked it all to the soles of our feet.

When I'm not Foot Zoning, you can find me cooking, walking the dog, enjoying the outdoors (usually barefoot!), and laughing with my husband and daughter in Broadway, around the Shenandoah Valley, or along the Chesapeake Bay.  I hope you will connect with me to discover how a Foot Zone session can support your body and help you experience better health, wellness, and vitality!